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3rd district is responsible for the online-advertising activities of Lagerhaus. Beside that Wirz advertising agency is also responsible for classic advertising.

2018: Gartengeheimnisse – 360° Social approach

Lagerhaus is the ideal partner for gardeners, having exceptionally proficient staff in their gardening departments. Rather than just proclaiming that, we chose to let potential customers experience Lagerhaus’ expertness in this field. We have built an online hub,, thats serves as a guide for gardeners - beginners and advanced gardeners alike. Short and lively instructional videos along with pictures and text make it easy to improve one's gardening skills. The hub is embedded in a 360° social strategy including Pinterest and Instagram, to not only drive traffic to the hub, but to also enable community building and sharing of content. If you want to make garden flourish this season, there is no way around Lagerhaus’ Gartengeheimnisse.

2017: Online advertising & photo-contest

Silos are very important for the austrian-wide Lagerhaus infrastructure. Therefore in spring 2017 Lagerhaus started a silo photo-contest and asked for photos of Lagerhaus silos. We created a landingpage for the contest which made it very easy to participate. The contested was promoted on Facebook and on the Lagerhaus website. The result: More than 400 pictures of silos all over Austria.

2018: Gartengeheimnisse Landingpage, Instagram & Pinterest