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Online Advertising / Google AdWords / Facebook Ads / Landing Pages 

3rd district is the digital lead agency for Hyundai Austria and designed the digital strategy and digital execution. Digital creative campaigns and digital media planning, -buying and –reporting belong to the core services of 3rd district. WIRZ Advertising Group is also responsible for all traditional advertising activities for Hyundai Austria. 



Short campaign flights are a good way to raise awareness in desired audiences. However, that is only the beginning of a customer journey which should eventually lead to car sales. Furthermore, consumer interest and desire have to be fostered, leading to test drives, which are then being converted to sales. This is exactly what we did for the launch of the new Hyundai i30. Additionally, to a short but highly visible launch campaign, a continuous campaign was launched that reached potential car buyers whenever they started showing interest in buying a car. Based on their interest and behavior, multiple ads where shown to the audience segments to fit their expectations and needs. Generated traffic was led to a landing page that focused converting that traffic into test drive leads. This integrated and consumer centric approached helped to increase conversion rates and test drive outputs significantly.

2017: Various landingpages for different models

In order to raise the number of registrations for test drives we implemented a number of different registration landingpages for several Hyundai car-models (beside the regular Hyundai website) which were promoted via Google AdWords, banners and Facebook ads. As a result, registrations for test drives increased substantially.


Euro 2016 campaign

3rd district created an extensive digital campaign to promote bookings for test drives during the soccer EURO 2016. In less than 6 weeks the campaign achieved more bookings for test drives than in the entire 12 months before.

i30 Launch 2017 – Customer Centric Campaign

Test drive Landingpage for various models

Euro 2016

Digital Campaigns

Facebook Ads & Google Adwords