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Artificial Intelligence will revolutionize digital media planning.

The era of Cookie/User based campaigns is over. Contextual planning and creative content are the key performance drivers.

3rd district will guarantee ...

Campaigning out of one hand

  • From now on you have one partner in digital media planning.
  • No violations of privacy rights anymore.
  • Transparent and clear reporting.
  • But maybe the best ...

Outperforming traditional planning

  • A/B testing shows that we perform significantly better than traditional digital media planning
  • In some cases 4 times better!

Our smart AI solutions

Maximising performance without any personal data

We created an AI managed service powered by contextual analysis, that focuses on maximising performance and brand safety without using any personal data.

We target only:
  • Domain
  • Placement
  • Device model
  • Operating system
  • And of cource viewability!

Contextual media planning: super transparent

  • Individual concepts.
  • Precise targeting thanks to contextual media evaluation.
  • Scalablitity thanks to easy distribution.
  • Real-time optimization.

Convincing performance in real life

Usecase "Wüstenrot"

Our challenge was to acquire new customers for our client Wüstenrot.

Accordingly, we set up a Facebook lead ad campaign and let our AI compete against a classic social media agency.

The result was that our AI was able to generate 3x more leads and decreased the CPL by 65%.

5 x arguments for AI-Media

  • Increase Sales & Revenues from your conversion campaigns.
  • Decrease costs for all upper funnel campaigns while keeping the performances.
  • Eliminate the fee of third-party data brokers.
  • Automate the entire setup & optimization pricess, reducing time to market and operational errors.
  • Automate the digital media planning across platforms.